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The Right Questions to Ask – Air Conditioning Contractors of America

Choosing the right contractor means asking the right questions. This short video explains the basic questions you should always ask, and what the answers should be!

Are your technicians NATE certified? NATE certification is the industry’s standard for technician excellence. You should never accept anything less.

Do you offer continuing education to your employees? This industry changes rapidly. Ask the contractor to describe their training program.

Can you provide local references? Get the names of neighbors who have used the company’s services, and then follow up with them.

Do you offer a service agreement plan? Well-maintained equipment runs more efficiently and lasts longer.

Are you properly licensed? Unfortunately, every state, city, or county could have different contractor licensing rules. Ask for proof!

Do you follow the industry standards? Make sure your contractor knows what “Manual J” and “Quality Installation” are, just for a start. Scroll down on this page to find out what these standards are and why they are important to you

What to Expect from a Professional

Your heating and air conditoning system is a complex mechanical system. Properly installing and maintaining them is not an easy thing to do. It requires education as well as skill. Too often, homeowners feel rushed by “contractors” who prefer to keep the process as mysterious as possible, because it benefits them.

ACCA wants to take the mystery out, and focus the benefit where it belongs … on you! Watch our free video, “A Guide for Home Heating & Air Conditioning Service,” for a full explanation of how to choose the right contractor, and what to expect from a professional contractor when they come to your home.