Pasadena Air Conditioning Repair

Pasadena is a gorgeous, historic Los Angeles County city adored by anyone who knows it well. With plenty of gorgeous parks, excellent schools, and all around beautifully conceived and maintained atmosphere, many Los Angeles residents will relocate to Pasadena to get away from the maddening crowd of the Central LA basin. About 140,000 people live in Pasadena, and it is home to some of LA’s finest hotels and restaurants. Surprisingly, though it is LA’s ninth largest city, it somehow maintains an intimate feel and a warm community culture.

Why New Air Conditioning Installations and A/C Repairs in Pasadena Are Important

While Pasadena can be mild and very enjoyable, there are definitely a few times during the year when the weather requires residents to close the doors and windows and turn on the a/c. However, because many people do not engage in regular air conditioning repair in Pasadena or even regular checkups to ensure everything is in good running order, they often find themselves in the middle of a heat wave with a unit that is low on Freon, working with worn out belts, or motors on the verge of burning out. These costly repairs can be avoided with one checkup done before the summer begins just to make sure everything is running smoothly. However, sometimes an a/c unit has just run its course, and the time has come to replace an aging unit with too many issues. When you’re ready for an air conditioning installation in Pasadena, you’ll want to make sure you get a high quality unit that is Energy Star certified. In many cases, your utilities company will even offer rebates for upgrading.

Furnace Repair and Replacement in Pasadena

Usually the first chill of winter comes to Pasadena and the surrounding areas just after Thanksgiving or thereabouts. When this time rolls around, you want to make sure you have a new heater installation in Pasadena, or a highly functioning furnace that won’t rack up bills due to inefficiency. Green Air Inc. will happily replace furnaces in Pasadena, and our highly experienced staff and support team can also help you determine whether or not what you need is a heater repair in Pasadena or a total revamp of your Pasadena HVAC system. We strongly encourage regular checkups and maintenance on heating units in Pasadena specifically because they are not in use with great frequency. Given that this is the case, when something does go wrong, homeowners unfortunately find out on the very evening when temperatures are at their chilliest.

Leave Your Pasadena Heating and Cooling Needs in Capable, Caring Hands

Green Air Inc. will always give you the best advice and support no matter what’s happening with the heating and cooling systems on your Pasadena home. According to, heating and cooling the average home makes up 48% of your overall utility bill, including electricity and gas. These kinds of monthly costs are greatly diminished when you install a new air conditioner and heater in Pasadena and other parts of California. Green Air Inc. believes in bringing you only the brands that will lower your cost of living, provide you with the healthiest home air, reduce allergens, and make your living space as comfortable and efficient as possible — that’s our promise to you!

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