Simi Valley Air Conditioning Repair

Considered one of the safest cities in the US (as well as the fifth happiest city), Simi Valley is a fantastic location to live in Ventura County. Close to Downtown Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, residents will never find it difficult to find something to do. However, given its enclosure by mountains, Simi Valley’s weather can be sweltering year-round, and if you don’t have an efficient air conditioner, you may find the living conditions within your home less than desirable.

Simi Valley Air Conditioner Installations and Repairs

According to the US Energy Information Administration, over 85 percent of all US households are equipped with AC units. AG Heating and Air Conditioning provides air conditioning installation and maintenance in Simi Valley, Ventura County, and LA County. Simi Valley summers can be downright miserable without a quality air conditioning system that provides central air as healthy as it is cool — don’t let another scorching day go by without a new air conditioner installation in Simi Valley.

Green Air Inc. provides customers with the finest names in the industry, including Carrier and Trane — leading brands with leading Energy Star ratings you can count on for a low need for a/c maintenance in Simi Valley. These brands are known for their high efficiency output and their high quality air, making your home cool, comfortable, and safer to spend time in.

Simi Valley Heater Installations and Repairs

While Simi Valley summers can be blistering hot, conversely, winters can be quite chilly, particularly during the winter months, and even starting as early as the onset of October. AG Heating and Air Conditioning also offers quality heater installation and repair in Simi Valley, and all of the new heater installations in Simi Valley and the parts we use for heater repair are the best in their class and the most energy efficient in the industry. If you don’t have a heating unit or furnace in Simi Valley at your home or office, give AG Heating and Air Conditioning a call and make sure all your properties are prepared for cold weather.

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AG Heating and Air Conditioning is ready and able to help you with any Simi Valley HVAC needs you have. We care about heating and cooling, but we also care about air quality and the efficiency of the units we install and repair. Give us a call at 1-800-211-0708 and our experienced staff will take care of any questions or concerns you may have about heating, cooling, and how to create healthy inside air as efficiently as possible in Simi Valley. Our expert Simi Valley HVAC technicians have been delivering the best service to your area since 1989!

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